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Reporting 3.0

The mission of the Reporting 3.0 Platform is to help catalyze the trigger-function of reporting to spur the emergence of a regenerative and inclusive global economy. To achieve this transformation, Reporting 3.0 curates a collaborative, pre-competitive, neutral space where stakeholders from across the reporting spectrum gather to co-create the design needs and pilot new best practices for future-fit reporting.

Reporting 3.0 is committed to accelerating the emergence of a regenerative & inclusive economy through a series of Blueprint Projects that map out transition pathways in four key areas, co-created by diverse multi-stakeholder Working Groups.

  • Reporting – to serve a green and inclusive economy
  • Accounting  – across the multiple capitals
  • Data – integration and contextualization for multi-capital accounting
  • New Business Models – creation for future-fit value creation and reporting

You can access the following publications that are currently available here:

Blueprint 1: Reporting

Blueprint 2: Accounting

Blueprint 3: Data

Blueprint 4: New Business Models

Blueprint 5: Transformation Journey Program


Please also follow this link to the Thomson Reuters article on the Multicapitalism Program co-authored by Richard Howitt, CEO of the IIRC, and Ralph Thurm, Managing Director of Reporting 3.0.