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Integrated thinking: A virtuous loop

Integrated thinking: A virtuous loop‘ details how leading businesses have mapped out and implemented their integrated thinking journeys.

Spearheaded by over 40 participants of the Value Reporting Foundation’s Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group, a subset of the <IR> Business Network, the report builds upon the ‘Integrated Thinking & Strategy: State of Play’ 2020 report that introduced a new model for integrated thinking.

The report explores integrated thinking as a constantly evolving loop. It examines case studies from some of the world’s most innovative organisations, including Solvay and Novo Nordisk, and how they base their decisions on interconnected information across multiple-capitals.

From the analysis, the report offers tools to guide businesses at the start of their integrated thinking journey, and provides clarity and guidance for current practitioners on where to focus attention for improved performance. By further examining the close relationship between integrated thinking and integrated reporting, the report underlines that these powerful tools and processes combine into a continuous journey; a virtuous loop for organisations to improve performance.