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<IR> Framework Implementation Feedback - 2018 Progress

Following our publication of the International <IR> Framework Implementation Feedback Summary Report, we have been true to our mission and have committed to transparency by sharing our progress against plan and have published this Progress Report.

In March 2017, the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) invited market feedback on the enablers and barriers to integrated reporting adoption. Over the course of two months, we benefited from the collective wisdom of some 400 experts from 19 countries around the world. We listened to and learned from individuals and organisations on the front line of corporate reporting to identify issues and related actions, as summarized in our International Framework Implementation Feedback Summary Report.

The Summary Report includes 48 action items, 43 of which are included in the IIRC’s Technical Programme. These actions, whether in the form of authoritative guidance, outsourced or collaborative research or ongoing discussion with others, drive an improved understanding of integrated reporting and the high-quality implementation of its concepts and principles. As a supplement to this Progress Report, we invite readers to visit our website for minutes of all Framework Panel meetings.