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Framework Development: Consultation Draft

Between 16 April and 15 July 2013 the IIRC held a successful three months of engagement on the Consultation Draft of the International <IR> Framework. The IIRC analysed the submissions to shape the International <IR> Framework.   The Consultation Period was launched at events in 10 of the world’s largest capital markets on 16 April 2103, and from then extensive consultation took place with organisations across the world. From South Korea to Sweden, Italy to Indonesia, and the Netherlands to New Zealand people evaluated and commented on the Consultation Draft.

Submissions to the Consultation Draft

The IIRC received 359 submissions, many of which represented a group of organisations. Submissions came from every region of the world: Africa, Central, South and North America, Asia, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, and Oceania.

Submissions came from a variety of sectors including providers of financial capital, analysts, assurance providers, NGOs, consultants, accountants, academics, policy makers, regulators, report preparers and users, as well as labour representatives.

All comments received are considered a matter of public record.

Submissions: A-E

Submissions: F-J

Submissions: K-O

Submissions: P-T

Submissions: U-Z