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Joshua Rayan Communications

Joshua Rayan Communications

Training License: Malaysia

Direct contact: Joshua Rayan, [email protected]

Joshua Rayan Communications (JRC) is one of Malaysia’s leading integrated reporting and sustainability reporting guidance and advisory specialists.

JRC brings over 20 years of corporate reporting experience and has been the catalyst for the successful adoption and development of integrated reporting, sustainability reporting and corporate governance reports by many of the country’s publicly listed organisations.

Many of JRC’s clients have scored four stars on Bursa Malaysia’s ESG rankings, putting these organisations in the top 25 percentile of companies.

Their clients come from sectors such as oil and gas, property development, REITs construction, aviation, energy, utilities, water, finance, retail and technology. They include large conglomerates with a business presence in diverse industries (both within Malaysia and abroad).

JRC work with companies about to embark on integrated reporting and also experienced reporters looking for guidance to enhance their existing corporate narrative. JRC’s strength stems from its vast report writing experience, which enables them to provide a complete solution for companies, ranging from comprehensive gap analyses based on the Integrated Reporting framework, to developing a customised integrated adoption roadmap and facilitating strategy workshops (to cultivate integrated thinking) and ultimately, enabling actual content development. JRC have also published their own company integrated report, and therefore understand the challenges that their clients face.

JRC also works closely with Board of Directors and Senior Management via targeted training sessions with the goal of promoting C-Level awareness of integrated reporting, especially in terms of integrated thinking at the highest leadership level.

Their ultimate goal is to enable more companies to transition from a typical past performance reporting and financials-only corporate mindset, to a future-focused and value-focused organisation that is able to comprehend and leverage on both financial and non-financial value creation.

JRC also publishes insightful, practical thought-leadership articles on its LinkedIn page towards enabling companies to better implement integrated reporting in the context of Malaysia and South East Asia.

JRC personnel are members of the following global and local reporting organisations:

  • IIRC Training Partner
  • The GRI Community
  • Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia
  • Malaysian Association of Corporate Directors

For more information, please email [email protected]  or visit JRC’s dedicated LinkedIn page.