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Enact Sustainable Strategies

Enact Sustainable Strategies

Training license: Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, China, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, India, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Sweden

Direct contact: Mattias Iweborg [email protected]

We at Enact are driven by the ability to create value for our customers while contributing to sustainable development. We do this by combining our leading expertise in sustainability and business management with creativity, professionalism and a great passion for what we do. We support our clients in building knowledge and driving change in line with a company’s vision.

Our Integrated Reporting training forms an experience that the participant does not forget. Our training concept is simple; there is not one size that fits all. We work with a robust register of tools and exercises, but always tailor our training to fit the needs of each participant. This will help develop individuals’ skills and build capacity for organisations to implement Integrated Reporting. All our trainers are subject matter experts in Integrated Reporting with hands-on experience. We deliver challenging, creative, and interactive training, that focus on concrete results.

Our focus is on enabling businesses to tell their value creation story, whilst building trust and strengthening relations with stakeholders. We see Integrated Reporting as a means to strengthen fundamental internal processes such as performance monitoring, risk management and strategy alignment. In the current changing context and to promote the changes needed towards a sustainable model, business executives have to be able to think and manage differently than they have done so far. This new way of thinking is called by many “integrated thinking”. This includes a clear understanding of the company’s business model and the value created or destroyed around it, the financial and extra-financial impacts and risks involved and the aspects to be managed and reported in order to express this understanding. At Enact, we consider Integrated Reporting a needed evolution of corporate reporting, and our training aim to strengthen the knowledge and competences of companies to take this next step in reporting.

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Please contact [email protected] with any questions about this training or to request further information.