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CSRWorks International

CSRWorks International

Training license:  Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and the UAE

Direct Contact: Lyn Nurlianah ([email protected])


Established in 2005, CSRWorks International is a trusted provider of sustainability consulting, reporting and training services. CSRWorks has been actively promoting integrated thinking, value creation and integrated reporting through advisory, awards and summits.

As an Integrated Reporting Training Partner, CSRWorks International develops and provides high quality practical training to assist businesses in the smooth adoption of integrated reporting.

CSRWorks will use its extensive experience in reporting and training to support the development of skills, knowledge and competencies required for implementing integrated reporting. Our Integrated Reporting Training Training is delivered in a highly engaging, interactive and creative format using practical case studies, best practices and exercises.

You can find more information about training and registration here.