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Bridge3 Governance & ESG

Bridge3 Governance & ESG

Who we are:

Bridge3 is a union of talents that seeks, along with its customers, to create positive and exponential impacts for a tomorrow that cannot wait.

Bridge3 integrates the Brazil Network of the UN Global Compact and several strategic partnerships with the aim of offering complete solutions to learners and clients.

The goal is to engage the private sector in aligning actions to achieve Sustainable Development.

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What we offer:

Bridge3 is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Value Reporting Foundation (VRF) Training Partners, a member of the Brazil Network of the UN Global Compact and offers, along with other technological strategic partnerships for decarbonization and ESG metrics follow-on:

  1. GRI certified courses
  2. VRF certified course
  3. Consultancy for sustainability reports
  4. Project for stakeholder engagement
  5. Diagnosis and construction of materiality matrix
  6. ESG Strategy Consulting, Global Goals: ODS
  7. In-company ESG courses, C-level sensitization workshops and engagement workshops.
  8. ESG monitoring for green bond issuers
  9. Editorial projects
  10. Member of advisory boards
  11. Board and committees planning, ethical and integrity policies implementation

Share up-to-date knowledge in governance and sustainability, with customers and stakeholders, to together build an exponentially transformed tomorrow.

Companies that operate with the concepts of the circular and regenerative economy can guarantee not only their own survival, but that of their legacy and everyone around them.

Team of Senior Consultants and Course Instructors

Daniela Manole
Bridge3 CEO & founder
CCA certified advisor by IBGC.
Master in education. Aeronautical Engineer, MBA in Business Management and Strategic Planning Management and Interactive MKT. Director of the Brazilian Association of Reprographic Rights (ABDR). Member of the board of trustees of the Brazilian Society of Paediatrics Foundation (FSBP). Member of the Family Business Committee of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC). Member of the Women Corporate Directors (WCD). Member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Experience of 30 years in business management and 20 years in editorial project management (Former partner and Vice-President of Editora Manole and current board member). 11 years ago she co-founded Manole Education. Management Advisor at IBGC. Sustainability Management course from Cambridge University. EESG (economical, environmental, social and governance) advocate. Ambassador of Conscious Capitalism.

PhD Amanda Carbone
PhD in Environmental Management and Nature Conservation
Gri Certified Professional Instructor

Master and PhD in Sciences from the School of Public Health of USP, in the line of research Health, Ways of Life and Sustainability. Graduated in Biological Sciences from the Metodist University of São Paulo. Researcher of the research groups SIADES – Environmental Information System for Sustainable Development, INCLINE – INterdisciplinary CLimate INvestigation Center and the Group of Risk Management and Territorial Planning (UFABC). She is a consultant at the SIADES Institute and one of the people responsible for Social Technology “Doing together: educational material in Conservation Units”, certified in 2019 by the Banco do Brasil Foundation.

PhD Sonia Coutinho
GRI Certified Professional Instructor

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law, a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Doctorate in Sciences, a research line for Public Policies and Environmental Management, all from the University of São Paulo. Post-doctorate from FSP/USP and Polytechnic School/USP. Collaborating researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies/USP. Punctual advisor of the Graduate Program Environment, Health and Sustainability. Member of the USP Global Cities Program. Researcher of the Research Groups Risk Management and Territorial Planning (UFABC); Ways of Life, Sustainability and Contemporary Dynamics (FSP/USP); Center for Support for Research on Climate Change (INCLINE – INterdisciplinary CLimate INvestigation Center) (IAG/USP); and SIADES – Environmental Information System for Sustainable Development (FSP/USP).

Portfolio of some of the learners and clients:


The dates for the next courses and for registration:

Please contact Mariana Pimentel Mendes for more information on our courses:
[email protected]

For other queries:
[email protected]
+55 11 994270530