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ARGE Consulting

ARGE Consulting

Training License: Türkiye

Direct contact: Pınar Ilgaz: [email protected]; [email protected]

Since 1991, globally recognised Turkish management consulting firm, ARGE Consulting strives “To create value by improving management quality.” ARGE is aware the importance of social and intellectual capital development for a sustainable future since its inception. ARGE’s partners volunteer one-day-per-week for pro-bono work to support civil society organisations and utilise one-month-a-year for intellectual capacity development programs since 1991. With the effectiveness of its CSR program, ARGE was recognised as one of the best 3 companies for ‘Shaping the Future’ at the European Parliament in 2002.

ARGE is a thought leader in management quality, governance, and sustainability. ARGE was the first Turkish signatory the UN Global Compact and was instrumental in establishing the Turkish Network. Dr. Yılmaz Argüden (ARGE’s Chairman) also served as the elected Chairman of UNGC Local Networks. ARGE is a Certified Advisory Organisation of the EFQM and has been instrumental in initiating the National Quality Movement that brought numerous European Quality Awards to Turkish companies. ARGE actively contributes to the activities of Business at OECD and IFC’s Corporate Governance Advisory Group.

ARGE has also served as B20 Knowledge Partner during the Turkish presidency of G20 during 2015 and actively contributes to the B20 process since then. ARGE has worked in close cooperation with UNGC and IIRC and has prepared policy recommendations to be presented to G20 Leaders where adoption of Integrated Reporting was among the recommendations.

ARGE has founded Argüden Governance Academy in 2014 as a nonprofit organisation with a mission of “Improving trust to the organisations for quality of life and a sustainable future”.

Argüden Governance Academy has adopted integrated thinking approach since its founding and became the first Turkish organisation to prepare an Integrated Report and one of the first ten civil society organisations to do so globally. Argüden Governance Academy Foundation’s 2019 Integrated Report has been published in record 40 days, demonstrating the level of internalization of integrated thinking in its daily operations.  Both ARGE Consulting and the Academy are active members of the Integrated Reporting Türkiye Network.

ARGE Consulting has been instrumental in helping Kadıköy District Municipality of Istanbul to prepare the first Integrated Report by a local government in the world. The model developed by ARGE Consulting, improves value creation for all stakeholders and inclusive policy making in local level by incorporating the EFQM concepts, the SDGs, and the Quality of Life Index of OECD with Integrated Reporting.

ARGE’s proven expertise in providing management consulting, developing strategy and skills within its clients, and its history of being a change agent makes ARGE a critical partner for any organisation that aims to adopt integrated thinking, including the corporations, public institutions, and the NGOs.

“Trust is the essence of good governance and sustainable development. Adoption of integrated thinking and the transparency and accountability demonstrated by Integrated Reporting are the keys for gaining the trust of stakeholders.” – Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, Chairman, ARGE Consulting

Please refer to further information and contact [email protected] with any questions about integrated thinking and integrated reporting.