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IVO Capital Partners joins leading investors in call for integrated reporting

Posted 5 August, 2020

IVO Capital Partners has signed the IIRC’s investor statement, signalling its support for integrated reporting and encouraging companies to use the International <IR> Framework to communicate effectively.

The statement, already signed by over 20 investor organisations from around the world, demonstrates the demand for integrated reporting by investors internationally – as they call for focused, strategic information on value creation to make capital allocation decisions effectively.

Commenting on the decision to sign the IIRC’s investor statement, Barbara Gibot-Leclerc, IVO Capital Partners said:

“As an asset manager focused on emerging markets, we at IVO Capital Partners need to have a deep understanding of our portfolio companies, how they create value and how they manage resources not recognised by financial statements.

“For this purpose, we require relevant business-focused information, and we want to encourage companies to use the IIRC’s framework as a useful guide for comprehensive reporting. We view integrated reporting as an opportunity to foster improved governance and accountability practices, deepen our analysis of risks and opportunities and promote the shift towards a more sustainable development and responsible investment.

“IVO Capital Partners is thus pleased to become a signatory to the IIRC’s Investor Statement and work towards establishing integrated reporting within mainstream business practice.”