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<IR> Academic Network

The <IR> Academic Network

The <IR> Academic Network is a platform that facilitates the collaboration between academics and others, including reporting organisations, providers of financial capital, policy-makers and standard setters, and the sharing of information.

The Network also ensures the IIRC is kept abreast of relevant academic thinking, including research evidence concerning the business case for integrated reporting.

You can join the <IR> Academic Network by becoming a member of its forum. The purpose of the <IR> Academic Network LinkedIn forum is to:

  • Announce new integrated reporting related publications, surveys, web content, etc., primarily from academics, but also from the IIRC, accounting bodies and firms and others
  • Announce upcoming conferences, calls for papers, research grants, etc.
  • Seek collaborators for research
  • Discuss integrated reporting related topics (technical or other).


The Integrated Reporting Academic Database

The Integrated Reporting Academic Database brings together over 200 academic studies highlighting the potential positive effects of adopting integrated reporting, as well as commenting on emerging best practice.

Research included in the database concludes that integrated reporting leads to increased stock liquidity, better performance, higher market valuation and a longer-term investor base for the businesses that adopt it. The database, which is a freely available resource, can be accessed here.


The Oversight Body

The Oversight Body of the <IR> Academic Network is a consortium that aims to stimulate continued research, dialogue and debate in the areas of integrated reporting, integrated thinking and broader corporate reporting system reform.

Its members include:
  • Deakin University (Australia)
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (India)
  • Pontifical Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)
  • University of Auckland (New Zealand)
  • University of Ferrara (Italy)