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Asset Management One signs IIRC Investor Statement of Support

Posted 15 February, 2021

Asset Management One has joined 24 international investment firms to show its support for integrated reporting as a route to better understanding performance.

The Investor statement of support encourages organisations to disclose more than financial performance to investors, by providing insight into its business model and strategy, as well as analysis of the key resources and assets on which they rely. By embedding a more transparent and holistic approach to corporate reporting, via integrated reporting, allocators of capital are able to see more clearly how organisations work, which has been linked to longer-term investment and sustainable development in business.

In a statement, Mr Nobutaka Aoki, Managing Executive Officer and Co-Head of Investment Division said:

Asset Management One is strongly committed to the development of a healthy economy and resilient society, as embodied in our corporate message: “Creating a sustainable future through the power of investment.”

To fulfil our fiduciary duties as a leading investment manager in Japan, an in-depth analysis and understanding of the value creation model of investee companies underpins our investment and stewardship activities.

The revised IIRC framework, which consists of an overview and evaluation on various forms of capital, the business model, materiality and corporate philosophy, would greatly help investors better understand a company’s value creation model, process and performance.

We therefore support the IIRC Investor Statement and encourage investee companies to publish an integrated report aligned with the IIRC framework.