Global perspectives

Dr. Monica Streck

<IR> Business Network participant

Head of Strategic Sustainability Management, Munich Airport

Since we ourselves are also celebrating ten years of integrated reporting at Munich Airport, we are happy to join the tenth anniversary celebrations of the IIRC.

In order to sum up our reporting journey and to point out where and how Munich Airport wants to add overall value in the future, we chose the motto ‘What a difference’ for our recent publication.

What a difference ten years of integrated reporting can make comes to show when looking back at our highlights. From combining financial and non-financial contents for the first time in one format in 2010, to introducing the six forms of capital from the International <IR> Framework in 2015, to proudly presenting a new eco-efficient hard copy of the report in 2018 – we have come a long way. For the past ten years, integrated reporting has enabled us to provide a holistic picture of our company.

However, business activities can only be described in a farsighted manner when integrated thinking and sustainable actions are at the root of integrated reporting. Our anniversary report shows how Munich Airport does just that. Integrated action as a logical continuation of integrated thinking starts with the identification of key performance indicators that serve as the basis for operational and strategic alignment. Ultimately, higher-quality decisions become evident leading to our sustained company success.

Munich Airport is investing in its most important resources with the goal of increasing value over the long term. Qualified and motivated employees, high-performance and demand-driven infrastructure, and the successful continuation of the digital transformation are among the key requirements for driving development vigorously in the coming years.

Integrated reporting further enables us to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. As a major company in a strong region, the disclosure of our economic, environmental and social impact is expected of us. Particularly in terms of moving towards a more and more sustainable air traffic industry, the call for transparency has never been so loud. Transparency that we are glad to provide by continuing our efforts in integrated reporting.

It is incumbent upon us to take external expectations on board, for example of different social groupings, and to address trends and sentiments. This approach will help the company to understand what the public or specific stakeholders expect of us. Above all, our corporate claim gets to the heart of it: Living ideas – Connecting lives. Integrated reporting fits in here perfectly. And this is something that we will continue to strive for.